Kudaka Ferry- 6Times a day go and return  from Okinawa Mainland (Azama Port) to Kudaka island by the Ferry and the High-Speed Boat

today's update

In case of storm and rough sea, all ships or some ships would be cancelled.  Please contact us if the weather is rough.


High-Speed Boat (approx 15 min)
Adult one-way 770 yen 
   round-trip 1480 yen
Child one-way 390 yen 
   round-trip 750 yen


*Child means age until elementary shcool, older than elementary school is Adult.


Ferry (approx 25 min)
Adult one-way 680 yen 
  round-trip 1300 yen
Child one-way 340 yen 
 round-trip 650yen


*Additional (Express) Fare
If you purchase a round-trip Ferry fare and wish to take High-speed boat to return, we will accept it with extra 90 yen.


On the contrary, when you purchase a round-trip High-speed boat fare and wish to take Ferry to return, there is no refund.


To take a car in the island, please refer here.


Today's   Time Table

To Kudaka(From Azama )

1 Ferry 8:00
2 Express 9:30
3 Ferry



Ferry 15:00 
6  Express  17:00 

To Azama (From Kudaka)

1 Express

   8: 30       

2 Ferry 10:00



Ferry 14:00

Express  16:00 


Ferry  17:00 


*If you plan to visit Kudaka island on late Feburary- early March, or late May- early June, there will be a time schedule change due to Ships' dock period. Please refer here.

Kudaka Island Travel Information

Kudaka island is a place for living to those who living there.

The island has been kept by praying and thankful living. It is a very unique place.

  • An entry of north part of the island will be restricted on the terms of ceremonies.
  • Please do not make loud noise on living places.
  • Please do not walk with swim wear on living places.
  • Please ride a bike / drive a car safely, since roads are narrow.
    Please take a good care of trees and lawns.
  • Taking any plants and animals are strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not take stones out of the island. Some people go back to the island to return them.
  • Please take a good care of skins against the sun and heat.
  • Please support us through purchasing the islands' souvenirs.
  • Please do not disturb worshiping and praying. 
  • Please do not leave money for monetary offering, other than offertory box.
  • Please refrain from leaving flower, incense stick, and other offerings.
  • Entering "Hokama-Den" is strictly prohibited.
  • Swimming on "Ishiki-Hama" is strictly prohibited.
  • Entering "Hubo-Utaki" is strictly prohibited.

Please keep these rules, and take your time to enjoy Kudaka-island!